Saturday, January 2, 2010

Balmain Hair Extensions

Are you Looking for a New exciting 'look' for the New Year? Have you ever wanted to Have a completely different hairstyle or just to luster up the look you have now. Have you ever thought about getting Hair Extensions but thought its too expensive, damaging or too much upkeep? Well times have changed and Hair extensions have improved in every way and I am 'The Weaveologist' and I would love to fulfill your hair dreams.
I specialize in Balmain Paris Extensions and have been an educator with them for the last few years. I only use the BEST quality with products that I choose on my cliental and Balmain has proven to stain above the competition.
I offer an endless array of lengths, colors and texture that will match anyones hair needs with a 6 month guarantee on the hair. The extension can also be colored, permed or relaxed to customize perfectly for your look.
With Extensions you can achieve endless looks, you can add color without harsh chemicals, texture without perming and length with volume in minutes. The hair is %100 human Asian/Indian Remi treated and is slowly processed with enzymes to soften, seal and protect it and because the hair is treated with such care it makes it the Best to wear. You may blow-dry the hair, use hot rollers, flatirons, curling irons or set it, you can assume that whatever is good for your natural hair, is good for the extension hair.
The Extensions will not damage the natural hair in anyway and they can be used on everyone with all different hair needs. Growing out short haircuts, adding volume and of course adding Length. If you have dark natural or processed hair and are craving lighter highlights or bright colors without the worry of it being too damaged? Or fine limp hair that has always had a limit on how much it will grow?
There is no longer a limit of what we can achieve in the chair. Fashion is always moving so fast and we can using looks from all different era's, blending them together for your ideal look that with hold true and be easy for you without the commitment or limitations of your own hair.

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